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Lights On OSU

Oklahoma State has reached top ten status, so the lights are shining bright on the cowboys. This weekend the head to Austin for another top 25 match up. The Longhorns coming off of the big lost against Oklahoma in what turned out to be the Red River Blood Bath. The cowboys are just off a big win against the Jay Hawks. With spirits and pressure high the cowboys go into the spotlight this Saturday ready to reclaim their deserving top five ranking. The field of the shinning team is empty this week but you can still feel the winning spirit.


So much to talk about in October!

October has everything there’s baseball playoffs, college football conference play in full swing, NFL, and even a little hockey. I can’t choose which to watch much less which one to talk about so I choose them all. (Well I may leave out hockey) I may be little bias regionally, gotta narrow it down some way. So teams like the ranger and cowboys, and the Big 12 conference are my focus.

Okay, now I love the baseball paly-offs but I do admit that baseball is not my forte, so cut me some slack if you feel my baseball coverage is a little lacking. The Texas Rangers are going into game 4 of the ALDS in Tampa with the Rays this afternoon, actually in an hour. If they win, which seems highly possible with hitters like Hamilton, Young, Napoli and Beltre, they will move on to play what looks like the Detroit Tigers in a there second championship series. The Tigers beat the Yankees last night 5-4 to take the lead 2-1 in the series. If there is a game five in either series it will be back to Arlington and New York. There is some other stuff going on in the National League but….but don’t ask me. All i know is the Phillies and Cardinals are tied and the brewers are winning 2-0.

College football, however, you can ask me. This weekend is the red river rivalry so no. 11 Texas and Mac Brown and no. 2 Oklahoma and Bob Stoops. Little brother McCoy has been doing a great job getting Texas out of there slump. Coming off a bye week the no. 5 OSU cowboys take on another conference game against Kansas on saturday. The cowboys are really more worried about Texas next week and less about this saturday. The SEC has some big match up this weekend. No. 15 Auburn and no. 10 Arkansas, and no. 1 LSU and no. 17 Florida. Florida just lost to the big bad Bama bad this last week, I am not so sure this game with Les Miles will be any different. In the Big Ten conference opener, I had underestimated No. 4 Wisconsin, they came out with a big win against now no. 14 Nebraska, 48-17.

Moving on to Sunday, the NFL, there are only two undefeated teams left Detroit and Green Bay. Both in the NFC North, that’ll make a good game. now on the other hand you have four teams who have still not won a game. And my Cowboys, who almost gave the lions their first lost Sunday, are 2-2. With Tony Romo and his 3 interceptions, 2-2 isn’t that bad.

Well, Football is over this week, so we patiently wait until…. oh yeah games start again Thursday, I think baseball can hold us over until then. Happy watching! Let’s go rangers!

Ping-pong podcast!

For a class I needed to do a podcast with some ambient sound, so I used some friends of mine and the ping pong table on their floor. They filled me in on their rules, and told me their secrets and now I am sharing them with you.  My original plan was to use the Texas A&M and Oklahoma state game, but once I got to the stadium I guess other things where more important, and I forgot. So here is plan B. It doesn’t have anything to do with college sports, well kind of I guess if you count students wasting time playing ping-pong! 


Let’s Talk Realignment

Texas….this is your fault. Texas A&M is moving from the Big 12 to the SEC (where they will get clobbered…a lot) and Pitt and Syracuse are leaving there basketball power conference, the Big East, for the ACC, and TCU leaving from the Mountain West for the Big East. And lets not forget the first domino, Nebraska, who announced last summer they where moving to the Big Ten because of frustration with Texas and the Big 12. Then Colorado followed who abandended Big 12 ties for the now Pac 12.Colorado may have had the right idea because it seems the rest of the Big 12 is also going to the Pac 12 to make the first super conference the Pac 16.

Now take a step back, what started this? Well the University of Texas and its uncontrollable desire to be a power house, they can’t help it. They with ESPN set up the LongHorn Network for….wait for it….a 2o year contract and $300 million. The network is 24 hour coverage all about Texas Longhorn football so Gilbert, McCoy, Shipley and Mac accessible all the time and any where. Hooray! Can’t wait to waste a saturday watching a now mediocre team non stop. Can any one really listen to Mac Brown for that long? But anyways this Network frustrated others in the conference obviously why is this team so special where they need $300 million in a “recovery” year. So the corn Huskers expressed there irritation with the power hungry Longhorns and said peace out. And  unknowingly caused the dominos to fall. So Texas this is why I blame you for everything.

Back to 2011, yesterday Texas and Oklahoma where approved to look for a new conference homes, although they will not officially say when or if they are going to apply to the Pac 12 (but we know the truth). Oklahoma claims that remaining in the Big 12 is “still on the table” but we all really know that that is crap, and the Big 12 is done. So Texas and Oklahoma will apply and go to the Pac 12 and my cowboys will follow their Bedlam Rival, and if Texas Tech has a choice they will follow Texas. So that’s four team out of the Big 12 and into the Pac 12 making the Pac 16. Time for some math…the Big 12 has 10 teams because of the loss of Nebraska and Colorado last year, A&M is leaving so nine teams, and if these four teams continue on this path then that leaves five teams, the Big 5 isn’t really going to work. The five left over teams are Kansas, K-State, Missouri, Idaho State, and Baylor. The SEC wants a 14th teams and they are looking at Missouri or West Virginia, they would probably prefer WV. The Big East has also recently been abandoned so there is talk of a merger between left over teams, but the Big 12 has made  it clear the Big East is joining the Big 12 not the other way around.

One last thing in conference realignment, this one would need legislation. The Mountain West is looking to share a championship game with Conference USA. This deal would be strictly football. The conferences would operate independently of each other and would just share a championship game. Um.. that definitely sounds like a playoff game to me, or at least a step in that direction. It would be something new to the BCS. Conference USA would have 12 teams and the Mountain West would have 10, so 22 teams. (the MW next year will add Fresno State and Nevada for all sports and Hawaii for just football and lose TCU to make that 10.) Should they add two more? hmmm…. well no matter what that should for sure get that league an automatic bid to a BCS bowl. Yes, I used the word league, this is a new word to the NCAA. Hopefully is sticks.

Next season will be interesting and very different then what we are used to. Hopefully soon the dust will settle and the dominos will be peaceful again and happy in their new super conferences or league. This time they will protect them selves from a big bad Longhorn coming through and knocking them over.

A little something stirring in college football

Now, normally nothing exciting is happening in week two of college football, bottom teams stay put and top teams stay top. This last weekend however those bottom teams proved to be underestimated. Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Texas and South Carolina all escaped scares. The problem with upsets are the teams doing the upsetting can’t pull their shit together in the final quarter….maybe thats why they aren’t ranked….hm? Anyways, Mississippi St. (16) and Missouri (21) weren’t so lucky. Mississippi St. played the reigning national champions, Auburn. Gene Chizik and his tigers are out to prove they are still a top team even with out Cam Newton. So the star Cam Newton only played with Auburn for a year and had a lot of scandal, I am not sure he is the hero everyone is looking for. Oh and that National Title Auburn holds I credit to Tommy Tuberville, (who is now at Texas Tech) not Gene. Tuberville built that program, it sucks he didn’t get to see it succeed. So back to Mississippi St., they underestimated the tigers without Newton the new quarter back Trotter isn’t bad he has passed for 407 yards and 5 TD’s on the season. With one interception returned for a touchdown by the tigers and a stop made at the goal line late in the fourth quarter, Auburn came away with the win, 41-34, and a top 25 ranking. Mississippi St. dropped nine spots in the standings, that seems a little harsh to me. Another tiger team, apparently they aren’t such tough cats, Missouri set up against Arizona Saturday. The Tigers didn’t think to hard about the Sun Devil because of their less than great season last year. The fourth quarter ended with a missed ASU field goal and a tie score. Overtime started well for ASU with a 11-yard pass for a TD, the Tigers however weren’t so successful with a incomplete pass on fourth down. The Sun Devils stormed the field and got a 22 ranking while Missouri dropped out. The number one team, one who will not be named, has now been ranked number one 100 times in the AP poll, and didn’t play this week. Bob Stoops just because you have been number one a lot doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be afraid of Mike Gundy. Speaking of Gundy, my OSU cowboys helped Arizonia remember the Alamo this weekend. A replay of the Alamo bowl the cowboys came away victorious again, 37-14. The other top teams who where shaken with almost upsets where Virginia Tech and E. Carolina, Ohio State and Toledo, Texas and BYU, and S. Carolina and Georgia. In all those games I wish the little dog had won. The Texas BYU game taught Texas a lot about itself. It learned that quarterback Gilbert, who did save texas a couple years ago against Bama when Colt McCoy was hurt, truly sucks. Mac finally accepted that and took him out after the fans booed him. They are now using a two quarterback style of play, McCoy and Ash. McCoy the older of the two has the better arm but Ash proved that he can run. Apparently this is the year for younger brothers at Texas with little McCoy and little brother Shipley. It is gonna be hard live up to those two, looks like a fun family christmas. Now, a look to the future for next week number one will go against number five the Florida St. Seminoles. The Seminoles in there second season with out Bobby Bowden have climbed to the top five. (Bobby Bowden just released that apparently he had cancer near the end of his coaching career, maybe that was the reason for the losing record.) The real test to show they belong with the big dogs will be this weekend, lets hope they can hold it. I hope they can because I root for whoever can stop “Boomer Sooner” from playing every other second.

(P.S. Djokovic won the U.S. open)

The US Open

As the summer winds down and football season riles up, the world of tennis has one last grand slam event for us, The US Open. The tournament took off last monday but apparently no one wanted to play. There has been tons of player injuries and sickness. There has got to be something in the air up there in New York, oh yeah there is, pollution. Novak Djokovic the well known man to beat, who often plays in a fashionable dragon shirt. Some ppl have Nike and some have…dragons?? Anyways, he had a shoulder injury or as he called it soreness. Well yeah dragon boy that happens when you swing that racket that hard that much and only lose two matches. If you lost more you wouldn’t be so sore. Not that I want him to lose, all due respect to his winning streak. The streak does seem to have caused him to withdraw in the second set against the Scot Andy Murray in the Cincinnati Finals, the week before the open. After retiring dragon boy tweeted that he just needed to rest his arm and it would be fine in the up-coming major, he seemed to be right. Virus Williams oops Venus, had some kind of “virus” and had not played since Wimbledon. Recently she always seems to be fighting something. But in her defense, she tried, she played the first round and then withdrew. She blamed the same virus and that she had recently been diagnosed with some kind of syndrome I can’t pronounce, it’s one of those immune system diseases that attacks your own cells instead of the outside invaders. It is confused. Rafa is always worried about  those knees of his, but they seem to be better, the issue this year is…. his leg cramps? I think losing wimbledon to Djokovic is the real issue, his leg just needs an icy-hot its his ego that needs a doctor. The “Sweed” Robin Soderling also had some kinda virus, that caused him to withdraw early in the tournament. He is breathing to much of that New York air, I suppose. Besides the injuries the open has been fairly exciting and is now moving into the quaterfinals for the mens and the semi’s for the girls. Most of the top seeded and loudest girls including the most annoying Maria Sharapova lost early in the tournament. Women’s Tennis is never consistent and always a little fuzzy. I don’t think that anyone really knows who number one is. But the number one and two seeds did make it all the way to the quaterfinals, Caroline Wozniacki (1) and Vera something russian (2). In men’s there is normally always a clear number one and currently that is Novak Djokovic, or dragon boy, he is the lead to take another grand slam. Despite the derogatory sound of dragon boy I really do like Djokovic, he is my favorite. I think he deserves all his hype, if only he had one the French open this year he could of had his own calendar grand slam. Not far behind him are the usual Federer and Nadal. Then one of my favorites Andy Murray and then Ferrer. Yes, Ferrer is different then Federer, I know it confusing. My prediction is another Djokovic and Nadal final but I do hope for the underdog John Isner.  The finals are on sunday, the semis on saturday but there is football to be watched then, the rest of this week has some good matches. Let’s hope for an upset.