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Not So Surprising Times

While, I have come back to blogging LSU and Alabama have made their way back to number one and two because a surprisingly good Standford team knocked out the Trojans. I have perfect timing. Also in surprising news Texas A&M, who I used to hate, has been impressive in their new SEC home.

USC and the Pac-12 tried to keep up with the SEC top two for a while but the Cardinal proved that to be a failed attempt this weekend. Matt Barkley, the USC Heisman Trophy hopeful, threw two interceptions and watched his team collapse to the Cardinal for a fourth straight year. I have mixed feelings for Stanford, since the Fiesta bowl and my Cowboys, but some part of me is thinking “HA!” take that USC, you can’t come back that fast.

Stanford QB Josh Nunes took on an uncertain year at Stanford after Luck left but he proved the Cardinal doesn’t need a recovery year. He threw for 215 yards, 2 TD’s, and rushed for 33 yards. They however do still need a new kicker with two missed and one blocked. But all that mattered to them in the end was the win. I have never been a USC fan (I think it must be rooted deep in my Texas fan days) so I am happy for Stanford. However, sad that Bama and LSU are the top again, maybe Oregon can rival.

In other news, Texas A&M as a new SEC team. Okay I am also not a A&M fan, (again the Texas fandom) but I am sure on the Manziel bandwagon. Yes, I know they lost to Florida last weekend but considering I thought they would get stomped every game they haven’t done that bad. This weekend, in three quarters Manziel threw for 294 yards and 4 TD’s. He also had 13 carries and 124 yards with two rushing touchdowns. 1944 was the last time the Aggies had a true freshmen quarterback. I think this kid is good and the Aggies have a bright future even if it is in the SEC. It might not be this year but hey he is young. He is going to surprise you.


About Lindsey Adams

Sports have always been a passion of mine. When I was little it was playing them in kids leagues, until one day I finally realized I sucked. When I got older I went through a phase that I call fan-ization, defined as the process of becoming a well-informed sports fan. I became fan-inized by spending to many Saturday afternoons in the living room with my father. And He, as I see it, is a world renowned sports buff. He knows everything there is to know about all sports-history, rules, players, stats, coaches, and techniques. Obviously a little bit of his passion rubbed of on me and hopefully a little trivia. So incase you didn't know Saturdays in the fall are full of college football so inevitably the NCAA became my first love. I learned players, teams, rules, conferences, and started reading up on news. Now I am a self-proclaimed college football junkie. I have now extended my viewing and knowledge to all sports. Now, my days of spending all afternoon in the living room with my dad have passed because I have had to get up off that couch and go to college. (Theoretically to learn something I guess.) This year I am a sophomore at Oklahoma State University and recently official sports media major. I am originally from Amarillo, Texas and I was born in the Dallas area. So my heart lies with the Dallas cowboys, the Texas Rangers, the (dissolving) Big 12 and the NBA champions the Dallas mavericks, but my fan-ship truly lies with OSU Cowboys. I believe my sports knowledge is unique and being a girl it is odd, you will not find another girl as informed or as passionate about sports as I am.

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