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OU’s Biggest Fear

On a late October evening in Norman, the Oklahoma Sooners faced the big bad team of Texas Tech? Texas Tech is not really anything to fear this year.

Texas Tech is 2-5 in the Big 12 and 5-5 on the season and they have yet to win a conference game at home. However, they beat the second best team in the Big 12.

Oklahoma’s greatest fear is OSU’s greatest victory. The Cowboys dominated the Red Raiders 66-6. It is the most points scored against Texas Tech in program history. The previous record was held by Oklahoma, 65-21.

The Cowboys hit the ground running and went up 21-0 in the first quarter and 49-0 before halftime. Brandon Weeden was 31 of 37 for 423 yards. Tech Quarterback, Seth Dodge, had a season low 25 of 43 for only 169 yards. The Cowboys doubled Tech’s total offense, 270, with 637 yards.

OSU’s defense has been in the spotlight for being the downfall of the No. 2 team. Critics claim they aren’t national title worthy. The Cowboys were out to prove them wrong. OSU defense leads the nation in turnovers with 34, three gained this weekend. They held the 7th ranked team in passing yards to half of their average. They average 342.7, and for this game, they didn’t even reach the 200 mark. Tech is ranked 27th in points scored averaging 33.7 a game, they scored 6 against the Cowboys. Tech’s high-powered offense never made it to the end zone on 16 possessions. The one touchdown they scored was off an interception from the 37-yard line. The extra point snap was bad and the back up plan going for two failed, miserably. Their defense is ranked 114th in the country and the only ones in red and black to convert on Saturday.

One of the Raiders turnovers was a dropped kick-off return, a teammate tried to recover but also lost the ball. Cowboy, Josh Stewart, recovered and took it home from the three and the Cowboy’s thanked the Raiders for basically handing them a touchdown.

Cooper and Blackmon both had 6 receptions for over a100 yards each. Randal had 18 carries for 78 yards. The newbie big time recruit Hershel Sims lead the Cowboy rushing with 13 carries for 109 yards.

On an early December evening in Stillwater, the Oklahoma Sooners will face the intimidating and undefeated Oklahoma State Cowboys. Now, that is something to fear.


About Lindsey Adams

Sports have always been a passion of mine. When I was little it was playing them in kids leagues, until one day I finally realized I sucked. When I got older I went through a phase that I call fan-ization, defined as the process of becoming a well-informed sports fan. I became fan-inized by spending to many Saturday afternoons in the living room with my father. And He, as I see it, is a world renowned sports buff. He knows everything there is to know about all sports-history, rules, players, stats, coaches, and techniques. Obviously a little bit of his passion rubbed of on me and hopefully a little trivia. So incase you didn't know Saturdays in the fall are full of college football so inevitably the NCAA became my first love. I learned players, teams, rules, conferences, and started reading up on news. Now I am a self-proclaimed college football junkie. I have now extended my viewing and knowledge to all sports. Now, my days of spending all afternoon in the living room with my dad have passed because I have had to get up off that couch and go to college. (Theoretically to learn something I guess.) This year I am a sophomore at Oklahoma State University and recently official sports media major. I am originally from Amarillo, Texas and I was born in the Dallas area. So my heart lies with the Dallas cowboys, the Texas Rangers, the (dissolving) Big 12 and the NBA champions the Dallas mavericks, but my fan-ship truly lies with OSU Cowboys. I believe my sports knowledge is unique and being a girl it is odd, you will not find another girl as informed or as passionate about sports as I am.

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