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Not to Early for me to Start Worrying About Rankings!

Sunday night the BCS rankings were released. Most coaches will say it is to early in the season too worry about rankings. But I don’t have a coach, well kind of my dad  but that doesn’t count, so it is not too early for me to worry about them. But let’s stick to the top five other wise I would be here all day. But if you would like to worry about the others, take a look for yourself at the full rankings. So the top five for those who don’t know are LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Boise State. If the rankings stay like this then the computers have set up a very interesting second half of the season.

LSU and ‘Bama meet week after this one to basically determine who will go to the national championship because whoever wins that game will go to the SEC Championship and probably stomp the SEC East winner, but I could be wrong. Anyways both teams are defense centered and rush game focused. LSU is 101st in passing yards but 7th in defense and 29th in rushing yards, so why do they need to throw the ball? Their quarterback has only thrown one interception this season, but I don’t think that’s because he is an awesome quarterback, I think it is because he doesn’t throw it, that’s not how the SEC plays.

Bama can throw a little better and are ranked 72nd in passing yards. They have the upper hand in rushing yards ranked 12th in the country. They have the hands down best defense in the country, which is where their true strength lies. Teams only average 7 points a game against the big crimson defense. They also put up almost 40 points a game, and against the defenses they play that is impressive. According to those stats there is no doubt Bama should be ranked above LSU in my mind.

Now if you look at Oklahoma State’s stats they rank before both of those schools. And the computers agree, too bad the computers aren’t the only thing that matters. Wait…computers don’t play football so maybe they should stay out of deciding who is the best team in the nation.  (Well I guess I don’t really play football either unless intramural flag football counts.)OSU is second in passing yards and points scored. OSU is 59th in rushing yards but if LSU doesn’t need to throw the ball then they don’t need Brandon to run it. That’s just dangerous. What hurts OSU that people see and computers don’t is the 68th ranked defense. Teams average 28 points against the Cowboys.

Now I skipped the third ranked team Oklahoma. Bob Stoops and his Sooners know how to play football. They are ranked fifth in passing and points scored. They don’t rush very well but that’s not really a Big 12 thing. Where they out rank the Cowboys is their defense. They have another big crimson defense. Maybe that color is just intimidating.

The first four teams in my mind are separated from the rest. There is a line after the Cowboys, between them and the Broncos. The Boise State Broncos are overrated. I am not on the Boise band wagon!! Schedule strength matters! Of the eight teams in the Mountain West, five of those defenses are ranked after 90. The other two, leaving out Boise, are ranked in the 50’s. So if a team has any kind of talent, so yes I am saying Boise has some talent, then of course they are going to put up 45 points a game. The talent they have is their coach, Chris Peterson, and that’s the only credit I give them. But anyways the numbers they put up is only because of the teams they play. So I am sorry Boise, but either change conferences to a real one and get a real schedule, or get out of the top 10. Cupcake teams aren’t going to cut it anymore. But oh yeah they did change conferences….to the Big East. Which isn’t much better, I mean they have some sort of good teams. They are afraid of bigger conferences closer to their region, like let’s say the Big 12, because they know they can’t compete in there.

As it looks right now the BCS National Championship game will be the winners of the OSU OU game and the LSU Alabama game. Again, like it should be, Boise will be left out. Anything can happen it’s only week eight. Let the see if the coaches were right not to worry so early!


About Lindsey Adams

Sports have always been a passion of mine. When I was little it was playing them in kids leagues, until one day I finally realized I sucked. When I got older I went through a phase that I call fan-ization, defined as the process of becoming a well-informed sports fan. I became fan-inized by spending to many Saturday afternoons in the living room with my father. And He, as I see it, is a world renowned sports buff. He knows everything there is to know about all sports-history, rules, players, stats, coaches, and techniques. Obviously a little bit of his passion rubbed of on me and hopefully a little trivia. So incase you didn't know Saturdays in the fall are full of college football so inevitably the NCAA became my first love. I learned players, teams, rules, conferences, and started reading up on news. Now I am a self-proclaimed college football junkie. I have now extended my viewing and knowledge to all sports. Now, my days of spending all afternoon in the living room with my dad have passed because I have had to get up off that couch and go to college. (Theoretically to learn something I guess.) This year I am a sophomore at Oklahoma State University and recently official sports media major. I am originally from Amarillo, Texas and I was born in the Dallas area. So my heart lies with the Dallas cowboys, the Texas Rangers, the (dissolving) Big 12 and the NBA champions the Dallas mavericks, but my fan-ship truly lies with OSU Cowboys. I believe my sports knowledge is unique and being a girl it is odd, you will not find another girl as informed or as passionate about sports as I am.

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