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So much to talk about in October!

October has everything there’s baseball playoffs, college football conference play in full swing, NFL, and even a little hockey. I can’t choose which to watch much less which one to talk about so I choose them all. (Well I may leave out hockey) I may be little bias regionally, gotta narrow it down some way. So teams like the ranger and cowboys, and the Big 12 conference are my focus.

Okay, now I love the baseball paly-offs but I do admit that baseball is not my forte, so cut me some slack if you feel my baseball coverage is a little lacking. The Texas Rangers are going into game 4 of the ALDS in Tampa with the Rays this afternoon, actually in an hour. If they win, which seems highly possible with hitters like Hamilton, Young, Napoli and Beltre, they will move on to play what looks like the Detroit Tigers in a there second championship series. The Tigers beat the Yankees last night 5-4 to take the lead 2-1 in the series. If there is a game five in either series it will be back to Arlington and New York. There is some other stuff going on in the National League but….but don’t ask me. All i know is the Phillies and Cardinals are tied and the brewers are winning 2-0.

College football, however, you can ask me. This weekend is the red river rivalry so no. 11 Texas and Mac Brown and no. 2 Oklahoma and Bob Stoops. Little brother McCoy has been doing a great job getting Texas out of there slump. Coming off a bye week the no. 5 OSU cowboys take on another conference game against Kansas on saturday. The cowboys are really more worried about Texas next week and less about this saturday. The SEC has some big match up this weekend. No. 15 Auburn and no. 10 Arkansas, and no. 1 LSU and no. 17 Florida. Florida just lost to the big bad Bama bad this last week, I am not so sure this game with Les Miles will be any different. In the Big Ten conference opener, I had underestimated No. 4 Wisconsin, they came out with a big win against now no. 14 Nebraska, 48-17.

Moving on to Sunday, the NFL, there are only two undefeated teams left Detroit and Green Bay. Both in the NFC North, that’ll make a good game. now on the other hand you have four teams who have still not won a game. And my Cowboys, who almost gave the lions their first lost Sunday, are 2-2. With Tony Romo and his 3 interceptions, 2-2 isn’t that bad.

Well, Football is over this week, so we patiently wait until…. oh yeah games start again Thursday, I think baseball can hold us over until then. Happy watching! Let’s go rangers!


About Lindsey Adams

Sports have always been a passion of mine. When I was little it was playing them in kids leagues, until one day I finally realized I sucked. When I got older I went through a phase that I call fan-ization, defined as the process of becoming a well-informed sports fan. I became fan-inized by spending to many Saturday afternoons in the living room with my father. And He, as I see it, is a world renowned sports buff. He knows everything there is to know about all sports-history, rules, players, stats, coaches, and techniques. Obviously a little bit of his passion rubbed of on me and hopefully a little trivia. So incase you didn't know Saturdays in the fall are full of college football so inevitably the NCAA became my first love. I learned players, teams, rules, conferences, and started reading up on news. Now I am a self-proclaimed college football junkie. I have now extended my viewing and knowledge to all sports. Now, my days of spending all afternoon in the living room with my dad have passed because I have had to get up off that couch and go to college. (Theoretically to learn something I guess.) This year I am a sophomore at Oklahoma State University and recently official sports media major. I am originally from Amarillo, Texas and I was born in the Dallas area. So my heart lies with the Dallas cowboys, the Texas Rangers, the (dissolving) Big 12 and the NBA champions the Dallas mavericks, but my fan-ship truly lies with OSU Cowboys. I believe my sports knowledge is unique and being a girl it is odd, you will not find another girl as informed or as passionate about sports as I am.

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