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Not So Surprising Times

While, I have come back to blogging LSU and Alabama have made their way back to number one and two because a surprisingly good Standford team knocked out the Trojans. I have perfect timing. Also in surprising news Texas A&M, who I used to hate, has been impressive in their new SEC home.

USC and the Pac-12 tried to keep up with the SEC top two for a while but the Cardinal proved that to be a failed attempt this weekend. Matt Barkley, the USC Heisman Trophy hopeful, threw two interceptions and watched his team collapse to the Cardinal for a fourth straight year. I have mixed feelings for Stanford, since the Fiesta bowl and my Cowboys, but some part of me is thinking “HA!” take that USC, you can’t come back that fast.

Stanford QB Josh Nunes took on an uncertain year at Stanford after Luck left but he proved the Cardinal doesn’t need a recovery year. He threw for 215 yards, 2 TD’s, and rushed for 33 yards. They however do still need a new kicker with two missed and one blocked. But all that mattered to them in the end was the win. I have never been a USC fan (I think it must be rooted deep in my Texas fan days) so I am happy for Stanford. However, sad that Bama and LSU are the top again, maybe Oregon can rival.

In other news, Texas A&M as a new SEC team. Okay I am also not a A&M fan, (again the Texas fandom) but I am sure on the Manziel bandwagon. Yes, I know they lost to Florida last weekend but considering I thought they would get stomped every game they haven’t done that bad. This weekend, in three quarters Manziel threw for 294 yards and 4 TD’s. He also had 13 carries and 124 yards with two rushing touchdowns. 1944 was the last time the Aggies had a true freshmen quarterback. I think this kid is good and the Aggies have a bright future even if it is in the SEC. It might not be this year but hey he is young. He is going to surprise you.


No conference title but a national title?

It seems to me everyone has already decided that LSU and ‘Bama are going to the Championship, — the season isn’t over until its over buddy!

Apparently, even if LSU loses to Georgia they still get to go to the national Championship game. Why is this fair?

My arguments against LSU if they lose to Georgia

1.Bowl games don’t like to invite teams that lost their last game of the season because of the feeling fans get after their team loses. Ya know the feeling – “I can’t believe they lost I am not going to another game ever again!” We have all felt it and it goes away after a week. But Bowl games sell most of their tickets that first week, they don’t like to invite teams that lost because of it, even if it would basically be a home game for the Tigers.

2. Since when are you the best team in the nation, if you can’t even win your conference? If LSU loses, then Georgia wins the SEC. I know at this point everyone has one loss but you still have to win your conference. In case you forgot, Georgia lost to Boise early this season, haven’t we decided Boise isn’t so super awesome? And if Georgia lost to them and then Georgia beats LSU, then maybe Boise (I doubt it) could beat LSU. But we will never know, because LSU can’t play anyone but ‘Bama and SEC teams.

Most likely, LSU will beat the Bulldogs and rightfully claim in their title game spot. So if they win, they win the SEC and are undefeated and truly deserve that spot. However, ‘Bama didn’t even win its division and gets to play in the title game. If you don’t win your conference, you don’t deserve that crystal football!!!

We have already seen ‘Bama vs. LSU  and it is time move on. LSU won, sorry ‘Bama, but you lost. A conference shouldn’t be able to fill the two team limit in the BCS in the same game (poor Arkansas.)  If you stick ‘Bama back in there against LSU, then you’ll never know if anyone else with a different playing style could beat them. It is just so predictable.

Let’s make a game of it and put the Cowboys in there. (Of course I am biased, but I mean I have a point.) It would be an all out shoot-out if the Cowboys were allowed to play. (I said “allow” because the Big Conference Series wouldn’t allow a little dog to play for the crystal football.) Our defense would struggle and LSU would put up points. But LSU, doesn’t know how to stop the passing yards racked up by the classic Weeden to Blackmon because they have never had to and we would put up points.

OSU has never had a chance like this and the big bad BCS does not want to give the spotlight to anyone in the Big 12 besides Texas and Oklahoma. It sucks to be number three and shut out of a chance we have earned. Come on voters, if we can beat Oklahoma, who lost to two teams we stomped, give us a shot! I don’t wanna go to Arizona! Luck wouldn’t have any luck against Weeden and the Hokies can’t handle the pressure!

But unfortunately, I think OSU is in luck for a Fiesta.

OU’s Biggest Fear

On a late October evening in Norman, the Oklahoma Sooners faced the big bad team of Texas Tech? Texas Tech is not really anything to fear this year.

Texas Tech is 2-5 in the Big 12 and 5-5 on the season and they have yet to win a conference game at home. However, they beat the second best team in the Big 12.

Oklahoma’s greatest fear is OSU’s greatest victory. The Cowboys dominated the Red Raiders 66-6. It is the most points scored against Texas Tech in program history. The previous record was held by Oklahoma, 65-21.

The Cowboys hit the ground running and went up 21-0 in the first quarter and 49-0 before halftime. Brandon Weeden was 31 of 37 for 423 yards. Tech Quarterback, Seth Dodge, had a season low 25 of 43 for only 169 yards. The Cowboys doubled Tech’s total offense, 270, with 637 yards.

OSU’s defense has been in the spotlight for being the downfall of the No. 2 team. Critics claim they aren’t national title worthy. The Cowboys were out to prove them wrong. OSU defense leads the nation in turnovers with 34, three gained this weekend. They held the 7th ranked team in passing yards to half of their average. They average 342.7, and for this game, they didn’t even reach the 200 mark. Tech is ranked 27th in points scored averaging 33.7 a game, they scored 6 against the Cowboys. Tech’s high-powered offense never made it to the end zone on 16 possessions. The one touchdown they scored was off an interception from the 37-yard line. The extra point snap was bad and the back up plan going for two failed, miserably. Their defense is ranked 114th in the country and the only ones in red and black to convert on Saturday.

One of the Raiders turnovers was a dropped kick-off return, a teammate tried to recover but also lost the ball. Cowboy, Josh Stewart, recovered and took it home from the three and the Cowboy’s thanked the Raiders for basically handing them a touchdown.

Cooper and Blackmon both had 6 receptions for over a100 yards each. Randal had 18 carries for 78 yards. The newbie big time recruit Hershel Sims lead the Cowboy rushing with 13 carries for 109 yards.

On an early December evening in Stillwater, the Oklahoma Sooners will face the intimidating and undefeated Oklahoma State Cowboys. Now, that is something to fear.

When the smoke clears.

Two heated topics have interested me in this week’s news, Joe Pa’s situation with the Defensive Coordinator “defending” young boys and LSU’s win over ‘Bama. I know – two very different things.

First JoePa, I feel so so sad for him. He has spent 46 seasons and half his life building a program for it to just be ripped away. In case you haven’t heard, now former Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been charged with 40 counts of child abuse. Penn State prides itsself on purity and never having an NCAA infraction. This is more than just an NCAA infraction. The abuse happened between 1994 and 2009 with boys over and potentially under the age of 15. Rumor has it that the University and Paterno maybe knew and did nothing or not enough. A graduate student reportedly saw Sandusky with a boy in 2002 and told Joe – who told the Administration, but nothing happened. What I am guessing happened is that no one wanted to think that of Sandusky and when the student mentioned it they just assumed he or she had misperceived what they saw. I don’t think Joe was trying to hide anything, I just don’t think he knew enough to call the police. When there is smoke there is fire, and this fire is about to burn what was left of Joe Paterno’s career.

On a happier and less real note LSU vs Bama. To be in a defensive battle of power houses you need to be well equipped. Which includes great coaching, a good offense, an even better defensive, and a really good kicker. So both teams go down the list checking-off all the items with ease, except there is a flaw with ‘Bama when they get to kickers and take a look at Jeremy Shelly and Cade Foster. Shelly is the short kicking specialist and Foster is the regular kicker. Together, they missed four field goals. The kicker is some times the MVP but at other times, they are unimportant and unnoticed. In this battle with no end zone appearances, the kicker turned out to be the fall of ‘Bama. The one shot at the endzone was made my ‘Bama but the throw was intercepted and the defense of the game roared again. Anyways, the moral of this story is never, under any circumstances underestimate your kicker. Ask the Dallas Cowboys and Dan Bailey. ‘Bama’s national championship hopes just went up in flames because they underestimated their kickers.


Boomer Loser aka Choklahoma

Saturday Tommy Tuberville was out for blood. The Sooners had kept him and his deserving Auburn Tigers out of the National Championship in 2004. Now the head coach of Texas Tech, Tuberville settled the score with Boomer Sooner by demolishing Stoop’s dream of a National Championship visit this season.

This upset was one of the most unexpected on Saturday night. The Texas Tech Red Raiders beat the Oklahoma Sooners 41-37. The raiders went into this game unranked and the underdog by 28 points.

Fatality was caused by the obviously overrated Sooner defense that gave up 572 yards of total offense to the Red Raiders. The Raiders were allowed to run the ball consecutively, not necessarily successfully, giving them the opportunity to control the ball most of the game. The Sooners ultimately decided their fate in the final three minutes with missed a field goal a failed attempt at an on-side kick.

So this leads to good news and bad news for the OSU cowboys.

Good news: Oklahoma isn’t invincible.  That Oklahoma defense that was ranked ninth week before last was apparently overrated. The 96th ranked defense of Texas Tech held the Sooners to 37 points and caused 2 turnovers. Surely the Cowboys 65th ranked defense can hold them to less than that, and it is certain the Cowboy offense is powerful. If Texas Tech Quarterback, Seth Dodge, can throw for 452 yards Brandon Weeden can double that. So according to this game, and the new BCS rankings, Oklahoma No. 11 is the underdog to OSU No. 3 in the Bedlam game for the first time ever.

Bad news: Oklahoma doesn’t lose well. This game prevented Oklahoma from being one of nine teams to achieve a 40 game win streak at home, that’s almost three whole seasons with out losing at home. They have realized their flaws and will be itching to fix them. With many other teams still undefeated in the Big 12, Oklahoma will want to prove them selves worthy of the BCS automatic bid; with OSU ranked a head their championship hopes have been swiped. Basically with this loss, Oklahoma will be more motivated to win here in Stillwater to prove this loss a fluke.

OSU has currently been placed in the predictions for the National Championship thanks to Tuberville’s revenge in Norman.

Bull Riding!

Last week, I hung out with the OSU Rodeo Team’s bull riders. For a class, I had to put together a soundslide project. Using Byron Detwiller’s story and the photos I got from their practice, this is the result. I hope you enjoy and maybe tune into some competitive Rodeo this year, it is a lot of fun!

Not to Early for me to Start Worrying About Rankings!

Sunday night the BCS rankings were released. Most coaches will say it is to early in the season too worry about rankings. But I don’t have a coach, well kind of my dad  but that doesn’t count, so it is not too early for me to worry about them. But let’s stick to the top five other wise I would be here all day. But if you would like to worry about the others, take a look for yourself at the full rankings. So the top five for those who don’t know are LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Boise State. If the rankings stay like this then the computers have set up a very interesting second half of the season.

LSU and ‘Bama meet week after this one to basically determine who will go to the national championship because whoever wins that game will go to the SEC Championship and probably stomp the SEC East winner, but I could be wrong. Anyways both teams are defense centered and rush game focused. LSU is 101st in passing yards but 7th in defense and 29th in rushing yards, so why do they need to throw the ball? Their quarterback has only thrown one interception this season, but I don’t think that’s because he is an awesome quarterback, I think it is because he doesn’t throw it, that’s not how the SEC plays.

Bama can throw a little better and are ranked 72nd in passing yards. They have the upper hand in rushing yards ranked 12th in the country. They have the hands down best defense in the country, which is where their true strength lies. Teams only average 7 points a game against the big crimson defense. They also put up almost 40 points a game, and against the defenses they play that is impressive. According to those stats there is no doubt Bama should be ranked above LSU in my mind.

Now if you look at Oklahoma State’s stats they rank before both of those schools. And the computers agree, too bad the computers aren’t the only thing that matters. Wait…computers don’t play football so maybe they should stay out of deciding who is the best team in the nation.  (Well I guess I don’t really play football either unless intramural flag football counts.)OSU is second in passing yards and points scored. OSU is 59th in rushing yards but if LSU doesn’t need to throw the ball then they don’t need Brandon to run it. That’s just dangerous. What hurts OSU that people see and computers don’t is the 68th ranked defense. Teams average 28 points against the Cowboys.

Now I skipped the third ranked team Oklahoma. Bob Stoops and his Sooners know how to play football. They are ranked fifth in passing and points scored. They don’t rush very well but that’s not really a Big 12 thing. Where they out rank the Cowboys is their defense. They have another big crimson defense. Maybe that color is just intimidating.

The first four teams in my mind are separated from the rest. There is a line after the Cowboys, between them and the Broncos. The Boise State Broncos are overrated. I am not on the Boise band wagon!! Schedule strength matters! Of the eight teams in the Mountain West, five of those defenses are ranked after 90. The other two, leaving out Boise, are ranked in the 50’s. So if a team has any kind of talent, so yes I am saying Boise has some talent, then of course they are going to put up 45 points a game. The talent they have is their coach, Chris Peterson, and that’s the only credit I give them. But anyways the numbers they put up is only because of the teams they play. So I am sorry Boise, but either change conferences to a real one and get a real schedule, or get out of the top 10. Cupcake teams aren’t going to cut it anymore. But oh yeah they did change conferences….to the Big East. Which isn’t much better, I mean they have some sort of good teams. They are afraid of bigger conferences closer to their region, like let’s say the Big 12, because they know they can’t compete in there.

As it looks right now the BCS National Championship game will be the winners of the OSU OU game and the LSU Alabama game. Again, like it should be, Boise will be left out. Anything can happen it’s only week eight. Let the see if the coaches were right not to worry so early!